It is understandable moving in to a new home that a new homeowner is inundated with mail and documents to read. However, the registration of the cooling and heating equipment is the responsibility of the homeowner, not Bell Mechanical Services, and is time sensitive. The homeowner must register their equipment within 60 days of the closing date in order to receive a 10-year parts warranty. If unregistered or registered past the 60 days, the warranty will only cover your equipment for 5 years. The registration can be done online, and the serial numbers off all the equipment, both outdoor and indoor, must be registered. The serial numbers are easily located on the outdoor and the indoor equipment. Indoor equipment will require going into the attic in most cases. Heating units will require taking the door panel off to get the serial numbers. The evaporator coils that are installed with gas furnaces will need to be registered as well.

Depending on the manufacturer, please visit them at the site listed:

Follow links for Residential.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email or fill out the form below. Someone with our customer service department will follow up shortly to assist you in this process. Please note that this form is NOT your warranty registration and only a means for us to better assist you. Due to the time sensitivity of warranty registration (60 days from closing), please allow 5-7 business days for us to respond and assist you with the process.

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