We Love Hearing From You!

Just thought we should share some amazing, genuine feedback from a satisfied customer to Scott Bell, our Dallas Residential Manager and member of the Bell family!  Ethics and professionalism are cornerstones of Bell Mechanical, and it is great to hear that shining through to our customers!  The full letter read as follows:

Hi Scott. I can’t thank you enough for all the help you provided with respect to my upstairs a/c unit and your thorough diagnosis. It is abundantly obvious that Bell Mechanical and more importantly, the people who stamp their name on the company letterhead, are highly ethical, professional and upstanding service providers. Something not readily seen in your industry. I know that begins at the top with its people and corporate culture. Your technician José was great. He couldn’t say enough good things about you and your family. By the way, am I ever glad [my friend] told me to give you a call. I will plan on setting up a twice-a-year maintenance agreement with Bell and look forward to an ongoing relationship with you and your company. You just made a customer for life and I will be sure to pass it along to everyone I know. Feel free to share or publish this text with anyone you choose. Once again, thank you Scott for your prompt, honest and professional response to my issue. It is very much appreciated.
Warmest Regards,
Robert Anon